Importance of choosing the best water damage restoration specialist

Even a minimal amount of water damage in the home can cause significant harm if it is not cleaned up properly and immediately. Water damage can occur from a variety of sources including busted pipes, flood waters from outdoors, damaged roofs, leaky sewer lines, or overflowing toilets and tubs. In fact, water damage is one of the major causes of significant property damage across the nation.

While most homeowners might not believe there are huge risks involved in homes that have suffered serious water damage. Even so, any flood that reaches a height of seven feet can be enough to cause damage that the home will need to be taken down. Water damage remediation is a billion-dollar industry because of the high number of homes that experience flooding every year. Even minimal amounts of water damage in the home can require repairs into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Damage to the structure can happen in a variety of ways. These include crumbling the foundation, when water compromises the durability of the home’s wooden structure. Foundations can collapse due to spalling and cracks, where water is allowed to penetrate from the outside into the basement. Even the plumbing structure of the home is not immune to damage caused by water. In fact, a busted pipe is one of the leading causes of flooding in the home.

The Cleanup Process

Cleaning up the area after the home has been damaged by flooding is extensive. It requires five different processes. These include:

• Extracting the Water – An experienced water & flood damage cleanup company should be on the job site within hours after the flooding has occurred. This is because the water needs to be extracted quickly to minimize the growth of mold and mildew.

• Checking Moisture Levels – Once all the water has been extracted, the experienced team will use a variety of tools including hydrometers and other moisture detectors to check for levels of moisture behind the walls and under flooring. The process helps locate any standing water behind walls and in areas that are not easily spotted.

• Sanitizing and Deodorizing – Once all the moisture and water has been removed from the area, the experienced water & flood damage cleanup crew will begin the sanitizing and deodorizing processes. This includes using professional grade chemicals to avoid the potential of any harmful contaminants growing after the process is completed.

• Thoroughly Drying out the Area – Using industrial size air blowers, the experienced water and flood damage cleanup crew will ensure that all surfaces in the home are thoroughly dried. This includes walls, ceilings, flooring materials, furniture, drapes and paper goods.

• Rebuilding – Once all the other procedures are finalized, rebuilding can begin, to bring the home back to its pre-flooded condition.

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