Serious water damage caused by Hurricane Irene

From leaky to bursting pipes, water damage can happen at any time. It is tragic, however, when water damage is caused by a force that cannot be controlled. With an active season of weather occurrence passing, many homeowners in the Northeastern United States are reporting significant water damage from Hurricane Irene. An Ipsos/Reuters poll reported that more than double of the hurricane sufferers complained of the water damage over wind damage, and yet only 6% of them got in touch with their insurance company about the damage.

Hurricane Irene caused significant flooding in the Northeastern part of the country late this August, spurring some residents to to inquire about their insurance policies. The few who didn’t reported that they weren’t sure if they would file the damage. The Ipsos/Reuters poll found, however, that the 6% that did file claims generally held a higher opinion of their insurance companies than they had before the storm. This data was gathered from Ipsos’ monthly “I-Rep Insurance Advisor” survey.

Contacting a professional about water damage may not seem necessary all the time, but when you’re in the greatest need for assistance, there’s no time to lose. Water damage is a serious issue, and is best resolved with the help of specialists and insurance companies. If you have serious water damage, contact someone who can help you resolve your crisis. You’ll be thankful that you did.

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